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Samsung Gusto 2 Review

Samsung Gusto 2 Review

Experts claim that more than 100 million people now use smartphones. Having a miniture computer to browse the web, keep in contact with friends, and play games on is certainly fun. But, what about users who do not want all those extra features (and larger cell phone bills!)?  A basic cell phone might suit their needs. Today we will take a look at a basic phone that runs on Verizon's network: the Samsung Gusto 2. Read on for my review!

The left side of the Gusto 2 has a volume rocker and a Micro USB port

First, let's take a look at the Gusto 2's exterior.
On the right side of the Gusto 2, there is a camera, speakerphone button, and an audio jack. (Since the audio jack is smaller-than-standard size, it may not be particularly useful.) A volume rocker and Micro USB port reside on the left side

A 1.3 megapixel camera is on the front. The photo quality is adequate for picture messaging, but isn't useful for viewing on screens larger than a cell phone's.

Flip open the phone, and you are greeted by the Gusto's screen. Although the screen is bright and colorful, it has low resolution and seems more pixel-y than other cell phone screens. The keypad is comfortable and spacious. It has three handy "hot keys" that bring up In Case of Emergency contacts, voice mail, and the text messaging inbox.

The Samsung Gusto 2 is an uncomplicated phone. The menu is simple and easy to navigate, especially if you are familiar with other basic phone menus. The aforementioned "hot keys" make navigation even more streamlined.

The included internet browser is painfully slow to use. Internet navigation is clunky, and web page viewing is difficult because of the limited screen resolution. Realistically, will the Gusto's target user even want to use the web browser? Probably not.

The same idea applies to the Gusto's incorporated Facebook and Twitter features. In this case, the social network integration works fine, but many users may not have the patience to regularily peck out a status update or tweet on a keypad. Again, this is a basic phone whose specialty is making calls.

Battery Life
The Gusto's battery life seems to be long lasting and comparable to other cell phones in its class. Internet browsing knocks the battery down quickly, though.

Call Quality
As I said before, The Gusto 2's talent is in making calls. Callers on both ends agreed that the call quality is very good. The microphone and speaker both produce crisp audio.

The Samsung Gusto 2 has ease of use, clear call quality, and a low price. It is a solid basic phone from Verizon

Product Info

Price:$ 79.99 on two year contract from Verizon
    Excellent call quality, easy to use, inexpensive, good battery life  
  • Clunky web browser, so-so camera quality 

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