Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mobile Asia Expo 2012 Preview

Mobile Asia Expo 2012 Preview

17 June 2012 - Next week is also Mobile Asia Expo 2012, long considered the stepchild of the Barcelona event.

The event is held in Shanghai from 20-22 June and is dominated by Telecommunication Companies and Service Providers.
The dates clash with BroadcastAsia 2012 in Suntec City, Singapore. We think that most of the new device launching will be in Singapore.
Motorola, Nokia and Huawei will be represented, as is Sony Mobile China, HTC and ZTE. The Korean manufacturers are not listed as speakers, which is why we think it is not that much of a lunch event.
One thing we do expect to be discussed in mobile payment. Mobile payment is now a segment of the market that everyone is paying attention to. We see such top names as Visa, Mastercard and Paypal in the list of speakers so we do think that there will be mobile payment solutions involving the Telecommunication Companies.
A sideshow to the main event will be an App Planet section, includingthe Nokia Developer Day and BlackBerry Jam Sessions. The China Mobile Developers Club will be there, and as we all know, China and Asia is a unique mobile app market in itself.
Anyway, this promises to be an exciting week. I can't remember if Mobile Exhibitions have clashed before, but having two simultaneous exhibitions makes it an interesting week, and mobile88 will be here to bring you the highlights of both events. Stay tuned!
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