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BlueAnt Embrace Headphones Review

BlueAnt Embrace Headphones Review

BlueAnt, a company that specializes in Bluetooth headsets, recently branched out into the headphones business. Their new Embrace headphones are billed as accurate, comfortable, and stylish, but are these over-the-ear headphones really worth the two hundred dollar price tag? Read on for my opinion!

In the Box
The Embrace comes with a protective case, a user guide, a straight-through audio cable (left), a cable with a remote and microphone for use with cell phones (right), and an OMTP adapter (center).

Comfort and Fit
Warning: I am about to rave. The Embrace headphones are wickedly comfortable. I could wear them for hours without the ear pads pinching the tops of my ears or the headband feeling hard. The headband is well padded, and the ear pads conform easily to the wearer's ears. I would dare say that the Embrace are to headphones as Lazy Boy recliners are to chairs.

The Embrace are quite light, but have a solid and durable feel. They are not plasticy or flexible in the wrong places.

The leather, brushed aluminum, and chrome accents look and feel quite luxurious. The Embrace's design isn't chintzy or bold, but has an understated, tasteful look.

According to BlueAnt, the Embrace headphones do not "exaggerate" the bass or highs, playing the sound without any artificial adjustments. After listening to different genres, I found this to be true. The bass, middle tones, and high tones seem to be very equally balanced and accurate. The Embrace's bass does not overshadow the mids and highs, unlike some headphones that thump your brain with bass.

The aforementioned cushioned ear pads not only provide comfort, but they also provide excellent insulation from outside noise. People talking near me sounded muffled, and people talking from a distance were very difficult to hear.

Overall, the BlueAnt Embrace headphones offer accurate sound and luxurious comfort in your music experience. If you are interested in a pair of over-the-ear high quality headphones that reproduce audio with precision, you will not be disappointed with the Embrace.

Product Info

MSRP:$ 199 from BlueAnt
Manufacturer:BlueAnt Wireless
    Wickedly comfortable, precise audio  
  • Expensive, but you get what you pay for

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