Thursday, April 19, 2012

oStylus Dot Review

oStylus Dot Review

Although our own digits work perfectly well for navigating our smartphones and tablets, handwriting and drawing require a little extra hardware to achieve a neat result. Today, we will look at the handwriting-oriented oStylus Dot.  Read on to find out how well it works!

First, let's take a look at the Dot's unique design. Unlike standard styli that use rubber tips, this oStylus uses a hinged stainless steel dot (for lack of a better word). (Honestly, it reminds me more of some sort of surgical tool than a stylus.) When in use, the dot is flat to the screen, but the handle adjusts to the angle it is being held at.

Two extra vinyl stickers are included with the Dot.
There is no need to worry about scratching your tablet's screen, however. A vinyl sticker covers almost all of the Dot's contact surface.

In hand, the Dot has a pleasant weight and feels very well made. The grip is made of aluminum, and it is thinner than a pencil.

How well does it work? I found that it works well for handwriting. It operates smoothly and accurately. Drawing is much less practical on the Dot because you cannot see where you are drawing. Although I have not tested out the original oStylus, that stylus seems much better suited to drawing because of the open center.

All in all, the Dot is a unique and practical stylus for those mainly interested in handwriting.

Product Info

MSRP:$ 37.50 from oStylus
    Comfortable to use, very good for handwriting, well made  
  • Less practical for drawing

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