Thursday, June 21, 2012

HTC new ecosystem sits between closed and open model

HTC new ecosystem sits between closed and open model

22 June 2012 – Today, HTC China announced the company's "new kind of ecosystem" that sits between a closed model and an open model. The head of HTC China, Ray Yam used his keynote at Mobile Asia Expo to reveal their latest effort to create the new ecosystem that works between the closed model of Apple and the open model platforms such as Android and Windows Phone.


The aim is to create a "highly optimised experience similar to the Apple system," however it will not inherit its "exclusivity." It is more about an open system standard where it can be used on other operating systems and by rival manufacturers.

Yam continued to comment on the pros and cons of Apple closed model. He said, "The [closed] Apple experience [works so well] because they integrate everything and they have the market size… but it does not offer much choice for consumers in areas such as screen sizes." He added if Apple "made the wrong choice in the future, the whole ecosystem could go the wrong way"

On the other hand, the open model will offer greater variety for consumers to choose between the type of devices they prefer. However, it will create problems for developers that have to deal with "many different OS versions and sometimes many different versions of the same OS."


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