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Football Apps for Euro 2012

Football Apps for Euro 2012

03 June 2012 - It has been dramatic-filled ending for the football season. We witnessed some crazy goals being scored and the unfancied team win the cup, from Sergio Aguero scoring the 95th minute goal , which ended Manchester City’s 44-year wait for a Premier League trophy and putting their neighbour Manchester United out for a trophy-less season. Also, at the Champions League, we witness Chelsea triumph over Bayern Munich in the penalty shoot-out. After all this crazy season, now it is time for Euro 2012. Are you geared up for it yet?

Here we have some apps which you wouldn’t want to miss out as your preparation for the Euro 2012. First of all, we start off with the FieldKings 2012 app. This is a well-informed app which I suggest for those who are new to the European Football Championship. They have information on the nationals and players involved in the game as the materials here are all player-related. The “players” I meant here refer to the coach, the football player and the referee for Euro 2012.

Here’s the reason why this app is dedicated for the newcomers. FieldKings 2012 app provides a bio-data column by the side of the news which gives a brief detail of the player. At the column itself, you can learn the player’s age and his playing position. By clicking on the bio-data column, it will lead you to the player’s Wikipedia page giving you the full details on their history. If you are unsure about how the player looks like, there are dozens of Bing images helping you out. The news and the tweets column will then update you to the player’s current performance. It is a well-decorated app suited to update you on your favourite team performance as well as getting you ready for the Euro 2012. 

However, this app lacks of up-to-date information. Here’s an example on how outdated it is - the England manager is still Stuart Pearce according to the app. The app also limits your news to only the players and their respective nations only. There are also some missing players which are not included in the roster and you will not be able to search for them as there are no search tools provided.

The next app is the Eurosport app. This is a more generally accepted app by football fans as their website has already made their name in the football world. The app has the latest information on football as is on the website. You can also check for live updates on the ongoing match where they will give you every highlights of the game.  Another plus point is that you can also set your favourite team for the app to alert you on any news or matches related to the team.

However, this app itself is best used by those who are experienced with the football world. If you are new to the European Football Championship, the app might confuse you with their ongoing news. It is best for those newcomers to learn about the ongoing situation before they jump onto the app. FieldKings 2012 above will be a suitable choice.

Lastly, there is the LiveScore app. I would recommend this app for those who directly want the result and nothing else. LiveScore app displays all the results from football matches in a list form. Clicking on a specific match result will show you the players who scored and players who received cards. It is a very straightforward app for those who do not want to waste time scrolling around to search for one match result.

As it is a straightforward app, you will not receive any news update. So you won’t get the usual news on players or teams.

In a nut shell, FieldKings 2012 app will suit the newcomers, the Eurosport app is for those experienced ones, and LiveScore app save your time from beating around the bush. My suggestion is that you get all three apps installed in your device to get ready for Euro 2012. 


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