Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rant: Apple's censorship - How far will they go?

Rant: Apple's censorship - How far will they go?

I had this post on the back of my mind for a few days now, but today I finally decided to do it. You won't see to many rant posts on this blog, but this time I have to let it out.

Apple, the defenders of justice, the protectors of the working class, the geniuses that "innovate" stuff that people invented years ago, struck again.

This time the didn't pick a fight with Samsung or Nokia or Google, but with their own search engine Wolfram. It's one thing to sue a competitor for using your patents or using your god damn design, but to mess with the results of their search, that's stooping to a new low.

After years of pointing the finger at Google and calling them unfair competitors, they mess around with their Siri backend results to keep the Nokia Lumia 900 out of their users mind.

Here is a video recorder by someone about a week ago, when Siri was still telling the truth:

As you can clearly see, Siri shows the Lumia 900 as the response to the question "what's the best smartphone ever".

Now fast forward a few days, and below you'll see today's answer of the same question:

Neat right? Nokia is now accusing Apple, and not in vain, of messing around with their search results. What does Apple have to say about this? Nothing. They are keeping mum, and that's a bad thing.

I think Nokia should be proud that the Lumia 900 caused such a reaction at Apple. It only means that Apple is scared and insecure. They fear the Lumias, and they should. Nokia's entry in the North American market is one hell of a reason for Apple to be scared.

And as if that weren't enough, they decided to censor iTunes for the word "jailbreak". Yes friends, jailbreak has become a curse word as far as Apple is concerned. You can see in the screenshot below the jailbreak word being obscured by asterisks in the search results. It seems that some results are still showing, like Books and TV shows, but not the songs, no sir.

Jobs would have never messed with the Siri results, he would have turned that around into a good thing for Apple, a proof of Siri's objectivity. But it seems Cook is too stupid to do that.

All I can say is that Steve (God rest his soul) is turning in his grave after all these stupidities that Cook and company are doing.

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