Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nokia Lumia Demo Day Craiova

Nokia Lumia Demo Day Craiova

Yesterday Nokia Romania held a Nokia Lumia demo day in my city, Craiova. Just like the N9 demo day held last year, this one too was presented by Mr. Iulian Olariu.
We kicked off my introducing ourselves and talking a little about what we knew and what we were expecting from the Lumias.
Next we had a small presentation and we saw a few projections with the main features of the Lumia line.
After the presentation was over, we started playing a little "smoked by Lumia" game in which the Lumia smoked almost all phones except two challenges: music recognition was won by a HTC ChaCha and posting to Twitter was won by an iPhone 4.
We also ran some web browser speed tests, which were topped by the Lumia 800. As part of the test we had, besides the Lumia, an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy SII. You can see the video above with the Lumia finishing up first and the iPhone finishing second.
Next, Iulian showed us the DC-16 portable battery that can fully charge a Lumia on the go and it's no bigger than a Snickers candybar. We also demoed a pair of Purity wired headsets.
While we were looking at the DC-16 another challenge presented itself. Who can take a clear picure of the writing on the top of the DC-16?

Many of the people present had no idea what macro mode was, so the started on the wrong foot. Others tried to shoot the inscription straight from the top. Having some experience in photo taking and knowing plenty about lighting, I managed to take the first readable photo with the ChaCha. Then one after another, with my guidance, everyone managed to take clear shots. The bottom line was that it's not always the hardware what makes a shot great, even though it always helps, but the photographer too.

That being said, it was another great event held by Nokia Romania, and I hope to see Iulian again on a 808 PureView event or a Lumia 900 demo day.

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