Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lomography- Making Film Photography Cool and Fun Again

Lomography- Making Film Photography Cool and Fun Again

One of my personal favorites, the Diana F+, a medium format film camera

Film photography has been getting bad publicity the past few years. It has been overtaken by digital as the main mode of capturing images and memories. Film's unpredictability, expense, and slow development time have made it un-hip and unpractical in the eyes of consumers. Maybe there is another side to film? encourages customers to purposely embrace the goofiness of film: oversaturated colors, double exposures and all.  Lomography sells everything from fisheye to super-wide angle to multi-lens cameras. The cameras themselves are suitably suitably flamboyant and retro. (Maybe flambouyant isn't strong enough to describe the line the La Sardina, a line of cameras modeled after sardine tins).

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