Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asha 302 - Day six of #SmartphoneLiteWeek

Asha 302 - Day six of #SmartphoneLiteWeek

So far I didn't get the urge to shoot photos so often knowing I don't have the N8 in my pocket no more. But when I could actually take a great snap, I pulled the Asha from my pocket and I just went for it.

I wasn't expecting much, so I was surprised to see a decent snap in my gallery, but I noticed that the Asha is very quick to snap a photo. I removed the review time from the camera (first thing I do on any phone I get my hands on), and noticed that Asha is a very happy snapper. It snaps photos with a speed I've never seen in a feature-, ahem, smartphone lite. In broad daylight, the snaps look great, but indoors it get tricky because there's no flash on the Asha. Even so, if you get a steady shot, the pictures look good. Here are some sample shots in various lighting conditions.

The sleeping beauty, close range, poor light

The sleeping beauty, close range, poor light, slightly better shot

Rainy sky, good light conditions

Landscape, good light conditions

Next, we go on to the video recording. 640x480 pixels at 30 frames is not much, but if you consider that the Nokia 500 has the same resolution, I'd say the Asha is game. Here is a video sample of what you should expect.

Some people may not have all these expectations from the Asha because if you compare it to other phones in it's price bracket, you won't get a better camera than this one. Frankly I was expecting a 2MP snapper when I first heard the price of the Asha 302, so with a 3.2MP one, in this price range, I'm more than happy.

One more day to go and the challenge is complete.

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