Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Asha 302 - Day seven of #SmartphoneLiteWeek - Mission complete

Asha 302 - Day seven of #SmartphoneLiteWeek - Mission complete

The final day has come. The challenge is complete. Asha has served it's purpose well. It replaced my N8 for a week, and for in most aspects, excepting the camera of course, it has done it pretty well. I had to suffer some shortcomings, but I have to say that the intended audience for the Asha 302 will be more than thrilled with the features it has to offer.

The handset is well connected, with 3G and WiFi, which work incredibly well, comparable if not even overtaking some of today's smartphones in that department. I could tweet, use Facebook, browse (and quite good browsing considering it's a feature phone after all), email, IM, but unfortunately a very small selection of games.

I have used 10MB of data, yes ten, in a whole week. The Nokia cloud based browser is very good at compressing stuff, and my guess is the Social app and the Email client have some kind of compression too.

Once it will be updated to the latest software version, the Asha will be able to run the Mail for Exchange client giving you access practically to every type of email account you can think of, which puts the Asha on par with any smartphone outthere, even beating some of them at email capabilities I might say.

On the other hand, I have missed multitasking a lot, even though apps support some kind of hybernation I suppose. For example if you open a link from the social browser, when you close the browser you're back in the social client exactly where you left off.

The intended audience for the Asha is teenagers with messaging habits, feature phone upgraders and probably companies that want to keep their employees connected without needing document transfers or editing. This audience will love the Asha 302. It looks good, the battery lasts to about 3 days od moderate usage, it's cheap and brings great value for money.

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