Thursday, April 12, 2012

SymbianPaidApp #1 - Gravity

SymbianPaidApp #1 - Gravity

Today I am starting another series of posts that will focus on Symbian paid apps. First app I'm gonna present you is Gravity.

Gravity was born as a Twitter only client, but over time it has evolved into a multiple social networks client. It now features Facebook, Foursquare, Youtube, Google Reader and many more. Gravity is one of the most straight forward and fluid applications I have ever seen. I think it's safe to say that it is one of the best social apps not only among Symbian apps, but among every social app for mobiles.

Gravity can seem to be a little expensive costing 5 times more than Tweeties for example or Facial, but it does have lots of advantages and here are only a few of them:

1. Very fluid user interface
2. Very fast
3. Custom portrait keyboard
4. Pull down to refresh (in next version 2.5)
5. Multiple social networks integration
6. Homescreen widget

That being said, watch the video review below for a more detailed analysis.

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