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SodaStream Soda Machine Review

SodaStream Soda Machine Review

The SodaStream has big claims to live up to! The company says that their soda maker gives you control over how your soda tastes, saves money, and is environmentally friendly. They sent me the Fountain Jet model to try out, so let's see if it lives up to the buzz!

First, let's talk about the machine itself. The Fountain Jet in this review can be purchased in white, black/silver, and red. There are other models besides the Fountain Jet that have varying looks, so there are plenty of styles to choose from to go with your kitchen decor. The Fountain Jet is quite narrow, so it does not take up a large amount of precious kitchen counter space.

So, how do you make carbonated water? The process is extremely simple. After the machine has been assembled (also easy), just screw the soda bottle filled with chilled water into the SodaStream machine and press the carbonation button. If you want lots of carbonation, press it several times. Unscrew the bottle.

To add flavor, measure out the flavoring, pour it in to the carbonated water, and shake it gently. The process could not get any simpler.

So, the machine is easy to use, but the flavors determine the product's practicality. The SodaStream works with a variety of flavors. Some are original flavors. Other flavors compete with name brands such as Red Bull or Mountain Dew. Here are a few of the flavors I tried:

Root Beer
This flavor is a favorite at our house. We all agree that this flavor is just as good as out-of-the can root beer.

Cranberry raspberry is my all-around favorite. It is fruity and delicious.

Orange pop is another favorite around here, but we were a little disappointed with this flavor version. It seems less flavorful than its store-bought counterpart. It is sweet, but lacks the fruity punch.

Lemon Lime
This flavor was not as fruity as we hoped it would be.

Black Current and Pear
This one is delicious as soda.

Diet Pink Grapefruit
An excellent balance of fruity and sweet.

After making several batches of soda, I noticed that adding the exact amount of flavoring recommended on the label produced pop that did not have the intensity I preferred. I added a little extra flavoring to get a more intensely flavored soda. This feature is also the beauty of the SodaStream. Users can tweak the amount of flavor or carbonation according to their own personal preference.  

So, does the SodaStream save money? That is something for you to determine. In cases where the consumer drinks a fair amount of soda or sparkling water, it could save money. It depends on how much soda your household drinks.

Overall, the SodaStream lives up to the hype. The Fountain Jet is very easy to use and is compatible with many flavors.

Product Info

MSRP:$ 79.99 from SodaStream
    Easy to use, compatable with many flavors, may save money  
  • Some flavors are not as intense as store-bought varieties

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