Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia N9 unboxing and first impressions

Nokia N9 unboxing and first impressions

I can honestly say that when I received an email from Paul at Nokia Connects about the Nokia N9 trial, I was the happiest man on Earth. And as it turns out, my expectations were actually surpassed when I finally received the device.

The N9 is a bliss. The user interface is much, much more than what I expected. The interaction with the phone is natural and addictive. Swiping applications away is as close to reality as you can get with today's technology.

Starting with the curved body that fits perfectly in hand, continuing with the curved display that makes swiping a pleasure, the N9 feels not like a phone, but more like a pet. Man's best friend is no longer the dog, it's the Nokia N9.

You gently tap it to wake it up, just like you would do when you wanna wake someone up. You push apps aside when you no longer want to use them, just like you do with things on your desk.

The three homescreens are spot on, with the events home where you can see all your news feeds, Twitter and Facebook feeds, missed calls, messages and calendar events.

Harmattan is just what the mobile tech landscape needs today. The Nokia N9 is the new iPhone. Just like the iPhone changed the smartphone landscape in 2007, the Nokia N9 can do it in 2011.

Only one word can characterize the N9 in all it's splendor: MAGNIFICENT!

Anyway, here is my unboxing and user interface tour:

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