Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing

Nokia Lumia 800 unboxing

Last week when I received the Lumia 800 from trial from the nice people at Nokia Connects, I did not know what to expect. My experience with Windows Phone was limited to say the least.

I have to say, that after only a few days, I could not bare to stay away from the phone for a few hours. I've put my N8 aside, and switched to the Lumia for may main phone. And I have to say that besides the N8's Xenon flash, I didn't miss much.

In fact, I can say that Windows Marketplace has a whole lot of great titles that I've missed on Symbian. Here are some examples: Evernote, IMDb, Vevo, Flickr and Wordpress.

But let's go on and see how the phone looks like. On the front of the phone you can find the curved Gorilla glass covering both the 3.7 inch Amoled ClearBlack display and the capacitive keys required by Windows Phone(Back, Home and Search). Above the display you can find the ear piece, and on top right, under the Gorilla glass, there is an array of sensors.

On the bottom you can find the loudspeaker grid, which doubles as a hiding place for the mouth piece. This is a nice touch, borrowed(like the entire design) from the Nokia N9.

On top we can find the 3.5mm jack port, a lid covering the micro-USB port, and the slider to release the micro-SIM card tray. The micro-SIM card tray can only be released after opening the micro-USB lid. On the right side of the phone we can find the volume rocker keys, the Power/Lock key and the camera key. A nice touch of Windows Phone is the camera key long press, which opens up the camera app even if the phone is locked. I've grown accustomed with this feature, and it's gonna be hard for me when I go back to the N8.

On the back, we have the Nokia + Carl Zeiss Tessar strip that engulfs the 8MP wide angle auto-focus camera. On top of the camera there is the dual LED flash, a slightly different position than it had on the Nokia N9.

So what else can you find in the box? Well, the usual stuff. The box also holds a silicone cover for the Lumia, a data cable, which pluged into the provided AC adapter turns into the charger, and a Nokia headset. Of course, don't forget all the booklets and manuals.

So, without further ado here is the unboxing video:


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