Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia Challenge - Amazing family and friends

Nokia Challenge - Amazing family and friends

This is my entry for the Amazing family and friends Nokia Challenge. All photos were taken with my Nokia N8, the first two are taken with the front facing camera. Hope you like them :)

Here's me and my kid Rafi, trying our the front facing camera

This is Rafi's first lego airplane that we built together

Rafi is trying out his grandma's fur hat

Boy were we sleepy. Just woke up for the camera :)

Rafi meets his first Christmas tree

Rafi's first encounter with Santa

Rafi and his friend Matei checking out the washing machine

Washing machine still interesting. Mommy kissing the sleepyhead

Company's Christmas party plus a jolly surprise at work

So, this is my AMAZING EVERY DAY! My family, my friends, and my Nokia N8, which is right there as always, to capture the show.

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