Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia 500 unboxing

Nokia 500 unboxing

I was not expecting much when Paul from WOMWorld sent me the Nokia 500 trial agreement. Two days later, I received the package containing this little fella:

First I liked that it's very light, I think it's the lightest smartphone I ever held. On a closer inspection, I noticed the excellent build quality. The device feels premium, even if it is an entry level smartphone. The exchangeable back covers are covered in soft touch rubber, and improve the phone's grip.

The 1GHz CPU shows it's muscle everywhere around the OS, feeling somewhat faster than it's bigger brothers, C7, N8 and X7. Somehow, the E6 seems a bit faster than the 500, but then again, the E6 felt faster than any other S^3 device.

Anyway, here's the usual unboxing video. I will come back with a full review in a week or two.

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