Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Facebook killed the social dumb phone

How Facebook killed the social dumb phone

Well, once upon a time there was a Java application that could do miracles for people who didn't own a smartphone. This application was not only a great Facebook and Twitter client, but a Weather, Movies and many, many more.

This application was called Snaptu, and it worked on virtually every phone in the world, being a MIDP 2.0 application.

For those of you who didn't have the pleasure to meet Snaptu I have to tell you that it was more than an app. It was a platform on top of which small apps were running. The small apps got updated on the fly(yes without having to install some update) because of the genius idea behind Snaptu.

So, this application was growing fast, and people were using it and spread the world about it everywhere. So a big bad idea-stealing-youngest-financial-mammoth wolf caught wind of this app, and thought "Why don't I buy this app and kill two birds with one stone?"

And so he did. The big bad wolf bought Snaptu and killed it's spirit. It turned Snaptu into a Facebook only app, killing the Twitter client for the masses. Did the big bad wolf win anything from this? Maybe so. But this kind of move against Twitter is IMHO as low as you can go.

Ain't that right Zuckerberg?

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